Get to Know EmILY


Emily Lane

Professional Bio: Emily is an actor best known for her roles on Revry's Kappa Force​, NBC’s Chicago Med and Chicago P.D., AMC's The Walking Dead​, as well as her recurring role on BET’s The Quad. She is currently starring in a number of national and regional commercials. Northwestern University Theatre graduate.

Personal Bio: Verified Taylor Swift fan, LaCroix-obsessed sassafrass. Won the math award in high school. Natural blonde with a library card. Currently learning how to play guitar, and really enjoys styling her overalls.

TRIVIA: Chicago P.D. was Emily's first professional audition. Like her character Alyssa on The Quad​, Emily is a native Texan. Christina Bayliss, the character Emily played on Chicago Med, was the third pregnant woman she auditioned for on the program.